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Mahendra Khibrah

I am an iOS developer with 6 months of experience. I have created apps with the native iOS SDK as well as the back-end with node.js. I am confident in my abilities and would love to put my skills to use for your company.

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I am an undergraduate student from EEPIS. I have experience in the Swift programming language and iOS development. My experience with Swift is 6-month, including using API, fetching data, Google Firebase, and SwiftUI.

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I also have an excitement in back-end development, especially using Node.js. The database that I use is MongoDB. Besides that, I also learned how to make a REST API, working with GraphQL, and Deno.js.


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Weather App

build weather ios app using API.

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Jiwo Limo

chatting app that help student on their social issue.

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Question App

mbti test with multiple choice methods.